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    The Use Of Music In Personal Development

    In many cases, by using musical instruments to help develop many motor and memory skills, more advanced playing of instruments - such as using two hands simultaneously - will help develop these skills further. Again basic music playing is just as good as anything else, providing the development is occurring without having to think about it.

    The use of music to help develop skills in anyone is certainly something which can not be denied. From the person who is learning a musical instrument because they have always wanted to through to the use of music as a therapy, it is without doubt one of the most versatile ways in personal development around. Music can help people communicate, react, and create feelings that no other resources may be able to. The composer and pianist, Chopin, from the Romantic era, was often asked to play the piano to help calm violent people, something which is very apparent when listening to his music, especially the piano. People often talk about remembering something important just by hearing a piece of music being played - sometimes years since last hearing it - and it'll still create the same feeling that they felt when they heard it last time.


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